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Approved Paper Titles

NMIA facility for calibration of flowmeters in liquid propane and butane
On the relevance of measuring viscosity, surface tension and surface roughness for micro-flow characterization
Online calibration of custody transfer flowmeters for South-to-North water diversion project in China
Comparison of vertical tank calibration methods using total stations and 3D scanner
Design and initial experiments of a water velocity calibration facility
Error analysis on measuring fish-and-water mixture using electromagnetic flowmeter
Comparison of anomalous behaviors detected against values outside control limits according to API 13.2 in the historical records of the MF obtained during verifications with on-site prover
The bilateral comparison between NIM and NMIA for gas flow
The domestic comparison in China for high pressure gas flow
Study on turbine flow meter error performance in different pressure conditions
Calibration of flow meters using two Coriolis meters – running in parallel –, in the Oil Industry
Reliability of the Measurement Quality Systems and its economic impact on the Custody Transfer Operations
Numerical simulation and its measurement performance analysis
Comparative analysis on the thin-plate weir standards for water flow measurement in open channels at home and abroad
Field measurement of flue gas flowrate in power plant
Influence of blockage effect on measurement by vane anemometers in the low speed wind tunnel
On the generation of realistic and reproducible flow disturbances for sensor testing
Ultrasonic flowmeter – diagnostic parameters correlation with the flow metering accuracy
Impact of the hydrogen mixed with natural gas on diaphragm and rotary flowmeters
Measuring flowrate of fans by embedded sensors
CCM.FF-K3.2011 inter-comparison for air speed
Investigation of in-line pressure effect on Pitot tube measurements
Numerical and Experimental Investigations on the shape and roughness of cylindrical Critical Flow Venturi Nozzle (CFVN)
Cryogenic flow rate measurement with a laser Doppler velocimetry standard
First steps toward dynamic reference calibration methods for liquid flow meters at LNE-CETIAT
Modeling and estimating measurement uncertainty in fluid flow in a flexible and modular way
The influence of dynamic process conditions to the uncertainty of the PTB’s water flow facility
In-vito calibrated Venturi tube for precise air mass flow measurement
New and old HPPP of PTB design is consistent within 0.07 % for pressures up to 8 MPa
Using cavitation metrological UCM - a novel application of nozzles
Experiences with the permanent series connection of USM in European gas market
Numerical simulation based design of ultrasonic flow meter transducer for gas applications
A new approach to mass flow rate measurement of particle-gas flow using vortex flowmeters
Measurement compatibility between flow laboratories
Bottling calibration of a bell prover
Improvement of a gas prover uncertainty
Static gravimetric method with flying start-and-finish using high speed switching valves for calibration of low liquid flow
DP flow meter calibration performance and flow coefficient/density effects study
Effect of a cylindrical throat occasionally produced in a CFVN designed to have a toroidal throat
Wiping out PUP (Premature Unchoking Phenomenon) in CFVNs
Experimental investigation of geometric parameters of S-type Pitot tube for greenhouse gas emission monitoring
Field verification of ultrasonic gas meter stations
Progress towards accurate monitoring of flue gas emissions
Progress on non-nulling flow RATA methods at 1% accuracy
Gas ultrasonic meter re-calibration study
Traceability of LNG flowmeter applications
Coriolis flowmeter - what makes it tick; what makes it sick.
Characterizing gas-collection volumes with acoustic and microwave resonances
The generic two meter in series wet gas flow meter design - a case study
The “not so small” small volume prover: exploring a new generation of meter proving technology
The impact of North American transmission pipeline growth and diversification on sample conditioning systems and subsequent analysis
The rate of rise gas flow measurement method and its uncertainty
Flow states of critical-flow venturi nozzles
Simulation of the steady and unsteady cavitation on a grooved venturi using RANS, DES and LES
Finding an optimal solution to the combination of inline and clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters in a practical application
LNG research & calibration facility
Application of the magnetic resonance multiphase flowmeter to challenging field conditions
The installation issues affect Coriolis mass flow meter measure accuracy
Systematic investigations of cylindrical ISO 9300 nozzles down to throat diameters of 125 µm
Development of micro-scale anemometer
Vortex flowmeters - transferability and improvement of water-based calibration results in gas applications
Traceable response time characterization in fast changing flow rates
The European research project on Metrology for Hydrogen Vehicles - MetroHyVe
Performance testing of hydrometric current meters in a wind tunnel - feasibility tests
New oil calibration rig for improvement of Coriolis meter accuracy at low Reynolds numbers
Development and validation of traceable methods for the measurement of hydrogen absorbed in metal hydride tanks
Prepaid gas metering solutions for suppliers: gains and demerits
Combining metering and mass balance for effective gas measurement and accounting
Performance of a compact cyclone system
Petroleum production and treatment process allocation method: metrological study and uncertainty of measurement analysis
Guarantee in the natural gas system custody transfer
Use of REFPROP 9.1 DLL and R statistical software to compute uncertainty in fluid flow measurements by Monte Carlo method
Comparison results for gas flow rate between Measurement Canada and CENAM
Design of characterization system for differential pressure flow meters
Flow and energy quantification impacts using a method out of recommended interval for determining physicochemical properties of the gas
A different way to measure fluid flow
Results of testing an orifice meter diagnostic system at a Mexican government water flow facility
Optimization of custody transfer measurement of hydrocarbons for the new exploration and production regional blocks in Mexico

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